The Network

The #W&CN (Wine & Consulting Network) is the result of the synergy of two distinct professional firms, the Catena Chartered Accounting Firm and the Torcello Tax Law Firm. The specialization purpose and the passion for the world of wine, that the owners of the homonymous firms share (Mr. Bruno Catena and Mr. Davide Torcello), have led to the creation of a Network which is aimed at offering fiscal, tax and legal consultancy and assistance to customers operating in the agricultural and wine sector.

The goal of the #W&CN is to provide practical and strategically convenient solutions in a complex world, as the wine world, where national, European and international regulations coexist.

Attention to details and constant updating are the essential ingredients of the Network.

Our team is made up of carefully selected professionals who deal everyday with the new challenges imposed by the sector.

This partnership does not represent in any way an undue de facto exercise of a multidisciplinary professional company or a multidisciplinary professional association, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 4 of Law no. 247/2012.

The professionals

Mr. Davide Torcello
Avv. Davide Torcello
Mr. Bruno Catena
Dott. Bruno Catena

The Collaborators

Mrs. Giovanna Bratti
Mr. Carmine Valentini
Mr. Gabriele Letteri
Mr. Matteo Scattone
Mrs. Francesca Di Sante
Mrs. Machita Graziani
Mrs.(*) Simona Di Giacomo

(*) not registered in the Bar association