The free movement of food in the European market requires a system of protection for the taxpayer, who must be guaranteed clear and correct information about the characteristics of the goods.

This also allows producers to place products on the market through a uniform presentation and distribution model.
Labeling, therefore, refers to all the food terms, indications, marks, images or symbols situated on the product packaging and/or package. The subject is regulated by EU Regulation no. 1169/2011 which, as of 13th December 2014, requires operators in the sector to comply with the rules on the provision of information about food to consumers. In particular, the labeling of wine products shall include some mandatory information, which must be clearly visible by the consumer, and other optional particulars, which may be entered by producers at their own discretion (as long as they do not provide misleading information).

The #W&CN helps its customers plan and structure the labeling, packaging and wrapping phases of wine products. This in order to enhance the commercial appeal of the company and, at the same time, to provide consumers with clear and not misleading information, in compliance with the sector legislation.

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